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Robert Beck - Do it yourself Elektromedizin - Lecture Notes 1998 - 5
Vortragsmaterial zur Selbsthilfe 'lecture notes' 7.3.1998 (englisch)
•  1 Wer war Robert Beck (englisch, deutsch)
•  2 Einleitung zu Robert Beck's Forschung 8.4.1998 (englisch)
•  3 Hol Dir Deine Macht zurück: Heilung durch Mikroströme mit Videos (englisch)
•  4 Geleitwort an HIV-Forscher 5.1.1997 (englisch)
•  5 Blutelektrifizierung heilt alles? 12.1.1997 (englisch)
•  6 Methode zur Beseitigung von Infektionskrankheiten und Krebs 14.1.1998 (englisch)
•  7 Neutralisierung des HIV-Virus 13.3.1996 (englisch)
•  8 Artikel Science News 'Biomedizin' 30.3.1991 (englisch)
•  9 Artikel Business Week 'Science&Technology' 5.4.1993 (englisch)
•  10 Artikel Houston Post 'Your health medicine' 20.3.1991 (englisch)
•  11 Artikel Longevity 'Outer limits' 12.1992 (englisch)
•  12 Patente zur Blutelektrifizierung 1992/1993 (englisch)
•  13 Blutreiniger (Schaltplan) gegen Viren/Bakterien/Pilze/Parasiten 16.3.1996 (englisch)
•  14 Blutreiniger (Teileliste mit Preisen) 3.1995 (englisch)
•  15 Protokoll zur Blutelektrifizierung 20.3.1997 (englisch)
•  16 Protokoll zur Nutzung des magnetischen Pulsers 28.2.1997 (englisch)
•  17 Elektrodenorte zur Blutelektrifizierung 10.1.1997 (englisch)
•  18 Lymphknotenorte für magnetischen Pulser 10.1.1997 (englisch)
•  19 vollständige Krebsrückbildungen durch Blutelektrifizierung/Silber 15.1.1998 (englisch)
•  20 Krankheiten vertreiben durch 3 9V-Batterien 1995/96 (englisch)
•  21 Kolloidales Silber als universelles Antibiotikum (englisch)
•  22 Kolloidales Silber herstellen 28.2.1997 (englisch)
•  23 Anwendungen für kolloidales Silber 28.2.1997 (englisch)
•  24 Movidyn (Silber) desinfiziert Kampfstoffbakterien 1994 (englisch)
•  25 Pflanzenwachstumsstimulator (optimierter Schaltplan+Beschreibung) 24.11.1996 (englisch)
•  26 Zusammenfassung: Ein neues Paradigma für Spontanheilung 6.7.1997 (englisch)
•  27 Blutelektrifizerung - die einfache Methode 15.1.1998 (englisch)
•  28 Ozonanwendung 15.1.1998 (englisch)
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For Informational and Educational Purposes Only. Not intended as Medical Advice.

Copyright January 12, 1997 by Robert C. Beck, D.Sc.

Climaxing centuries of medical research, an "accidental" re-discovery at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1990 resulted in a reliable, positive, reproducible and recently patented (U.S.#5,188,738) cure for "incurable" diseases including AIDS, cancer, gulf war syndrome, biological warfare plagues plus emerging viruses. Essentially it consists of passing microcurrents (50-100uA) through flowing blood, which is now proven to eliminate all infections and quickly restore damaged immune systems. This appears to have been suppressed because electromedicine instead of pharmaceuticals drastically limits cartel profits and re-empowers patients' sovereignty over all diseases. Strangely, it was never again mentioned except in Science News, March 30, 1991, page 207. After obtaining simple instruments described in this paper, there are never any other costs for cures except for replacement batteries.

Hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children receiving state-of-the-art medical care die traumatically and financially stressed every year with "incurable" diseases. But this proven breakthrough consisting of mild electrification of blood is now reliable, simple, rapid, highly effective, costs only pennies and requires no medicines, pharmaceuticals, vitamins, herbs, doctors or outside intervention. It restores health privately and gives people back to themselves. It is vastly superior to antibiotics and other known treatments, since electrification, when properly applied, has no side effects and is shown to cure almost every known infectious disease naturally.

Cancer treated by currently acceptable allopathic techniques (surgery, radiation and chemotherapy) costs an average of $375,000 but patients seldom survive five years. With self-administered electrification, typical costs are under two dollars per complete cure. An optimally functioning immune system has long been known to eliminate cancer, yet cancer is generally treated as a separate disease. Electrification is secretly proven over the last six years to work with hundreds of diseases and no "antibiotic" or "charge-resistant" strains of infectious invaders or side effects are yet known to exist. But you may never see electrification mentioned in a politically correct or establishment-serving media. Cures are too fast, cheap, revolutionary and user-attainable for vested interest profits. This could decimate doctor's incomes.

The author has spent several years researching all aspects of electrification and can suggest do-it-yourself apparatus and simple techniques which safely eliminate all pathogens, bacteria, virus, parasites, fungus, and germs which devastate health and are immune system destroyers. We now have numerous clinical tests, IRBs and PCRs showing sera-conversion and verifying complete recoveries. Many previously dying patients have come forward now completely well and symptom-free. Anyone can do this for himself if his unconscious deathwish agendas or disbelief in new discoveries or blind faith in the medical "priesthood" are overcome. If the user assembles his own system from scratch, everything should total about $150 minimum up to $450 maximum depending on elaborateness for this one-time investment. The simple devices could then heal hundreds of subjects. If working instruments are purchased from manufacturers, this cost could be more. After this one-time initial outlay, out-of-pocket operating costs (replacement batteries) will be only about $2 per patient per complete cure or almost nothing with rechargeables. Everyone using electrification should experience dramatic health benefits immediately, even if not knowingly afflicted. Common colds can be handled in half an hour.

All four synergistic and essential elements are fully described. They are:
  1. Building or acquiring a functioning battery-powered blood electro-purifier that attaches externally to the Radial and Ulnar artery pulse points on one wrist. Full recoveries usually occur in under three weeks with daily electrification of one to two hours.
  2. A very simple and inexpensive instrument for making any quantity of Ionic Silver Colloids for pennies ensuring anyone an intact secondary immune system.
  3. A high-intensity magnetic pulser which destroys any residual germinating or incubating pathogens in lymph and other organs by inducing back e.m.f. in tissue consequently preventing self reinfection.
  4. An ozone generator easily made with tropical fish store components to charge drinking water with ozone. Ozone comfortably detoxifies by oxidation any wastes which the body must eliminate while regaining perfect health.

The secret of this proven miracle cure-all of the future is now out. Why haven't your doctors told you? Take back your power!

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