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Robert Beck - Do it yourself Elektromedizin - Lecture Notes 1998 - 2
Vortragsmaterial zur Selbsthilfe 'lecture notes' 7.3.1998 (englisch)
•  1 Wer war Robert Beck (englisch, deutsch)
•  2 Einleitung zu Robert Beck's Forschung 8.4.1998 (englisch)
•  3 Hol Dir Deine Macht zurück: Heilung durch Mikroströme mit Videos (englisch)
•  4 Geleitwort an HIV-Forscher 5.1.1997 (englisch)
•  5 Blutelektrifizierung heilt alles? 12.1.1997 (englisch)
•  6 Methode zur Beseitigung von Infektionskrankheiten und Krebs 14.1.1998 (englisch)
•  7 Neutralisierung des HIV-Virus 13.3.1996 (englisch)
•  8 Artikel Science News 'Biomedizin' 30.3.1991 (englisch)
•  9 Artikel Business Week 'Science&Technology' 5.4.1993 (englisch)
•  10 Artikel Houston Post 'Your health medicine' 20.3.1991 (englisch)
•  11 Artikel Longevity 'Outer limits' 12.1992 (englisch)
•  12 Patente zur Blutelektrifizierung 1992/1993 (englisch)
•  13 Blutreiniger (Schaltplan) gegen Viren/Bakterien/Pilze/Parasiten 16.3.1996 (englisch)
•  14 Blutreiniger (Teileliste mit Preisen) 3.1995 (englisch)
•  15 Protokoll zur Blutelektrifizierung 20.3.1997 (englisch)
•  16 Protokoll zur Nutzung des magnetischen Pulsers 28.2.1997 (englisch)
•  17 Elektrodenorte zur Blutelektrifizierung 10.1.1997 (englisch)
•  18 Lymphknotenorte für magnetischen Pulser 10.1.1997 (englisch)
•  19 vollständige Krebsrückbildungen durch Blutelektrifizierung/Silber 15.1.1998 (englisch)
•  20 Krankheiten vertreiben durch 3 9V-Batterien 1995/96 (englisch)
•  21 Kolloidales Silber als universelles Antibiotikum (englisch)
•  22 Kolloidales Silber herstellen 28.2.1997 (englisch)
•  23 Anwendungen für kolloidales Silber 28.2.1997 (englisch)
•  24 Movidyn (Silber) desinfiziert Kampfstoffbakterien 1994 (englisch)
•  25 Pflanzenwachstumsstimulator (optimierter Schaltplan+Beschreibung) 24.11.1996 (englisch)
•  26 Zusammenfassung: Ein neues Paradigma für Spontanheilung 6.7.1997 (englisch)
•  27 Blutelektrifizerung - die einfache Methode 15.1.1998 (englisch)
•  28 Ozonanwendung 15.1.1998 (englisch)
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An Introduction to my Research - Einführung in meine Forschung

Copyright April 8, 1998 by Dr. Robert C. Beck, D.Sc., USA

I Believe the amazing breakthrough you'll read about in the following pages is proving to be the most important medical discovery in decades - or perhaps ever.

I Believe that anyone using this knowledge will be freed from sickness, infections, diseases and toxins, the third most common cause of all casualties in the US and the first cause of deaths in the third world.

I Believe this tested and true information can forever release anyone from doctors, pharmaceuticals, medicines of any description, hospitals, and incurable diseases presently known or undiscovered, plus biological warfare agents. Even cancer disappears when interleuken and interferon are again produced by a restored immune system.

Yet experience shows that 85% of the population will ignore, disbelieve, or vigorously resist these data; they're too simple, cheap, effective and revolutionary. This also requires assuming responsibility for your own health. You'll see why this dynamite truth must be suppressed to preserve medical profiteering and egos.

What is it? It's now scientifically established that mild, safe and simple electrification neutralizes all bacteria, germs, viruses, parasites, pathogens, fungi and other foreign invaders in blood. Results are rapid, dirt cheap, comfortable and without side effects. Medical "cures" once strove to match expensive antibiotics to the few germs they killed before many diseases evolved to strain-resistant. Today's new paradigm is harmless, infallible, and hasn't encountered any resistant micro-organism. Unlike antibiotics and vaccines and their targets, you don't even care what anything is called medically.

How? Your blood normally circulates past a given point in under nine minutes. So when you attach electrodes directly outside arterial pulse points on one wrist, a gentle biphasic electric stimulus applied for a few hours induces a comfortable 50-100uA (microamperes) into your flowing blood without puncturing skin. This causes spontaneous remissions of any known, unknown or emerging diseases. Techniques developed since 1991 (Beck) have enabled hundreds of previously sick and dying subjects to experience sero-conversion of AIDS, regain health and become symptom-free as verified by before-and-after PCR and other tests. Previous sufferers from numerous other "incurable" conditions are now well again. Electrification's most recent rediscovery was in 1990 at Albert Einstein College of Medicine by Kaali and collegues re-patented. (Example: US Patent #5,188,738 in 1993).

An obvious problem is this suppressed "secret" can decimate hospital, pharmaceutical, doctor, and "health care" incomes. "A patient cured is a customer lost." Also it could overload Social Security rolls with healthy citizens over 65. It restores health and "well being-ness" to anyone who applies it correctly. Combined with Kilogauss magnetic pulsing of lymph and organs to induce back-e.m.f. which scavenges latent and germinating pathogens, and silver colloids to control secondary and opportunistic infections, plus rapid detoxifications with ozonated drinking water, this is proving to be the best Universal CURE-ALL ever known! It's YOURS. It's PERFECTED. It's here NOW.

Although not destined to be "politically correct" except in the underground, and generally doubted by sceptics who haven't tried it or are threatened, you can easily use these data secretly to heal yourself and your friends. It may never be approved by the FDA. But hundreds of fully recovered patients who've used electrification are today's living proof that IT WORKS!

This research is offered for Educational Research and Informational purpose only. Not intended as Medical Advice!

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