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Specific Cancer Program - October 22, 2001

These suggestions are intended to offer nutritional support to supplement whatever medical treatment you and your physician decide on. Anyone with a condition which normally requires the services of a physician is urged to consult one.

1. Kill the BX or BY or other virus. An extract of elder flowers, peppermint, black walnut and burdock called EPBWBR is being used by many to kill BX and BY and leukemia viruses. An extract of grape plant is also used by many for BX and BY. Electronics devices that produce Rife's frequency of 11,780,000 Hz will kill the carcinoma virus if they drift in frequency. Units that drift (such as the B&K-4040) work much better than units that do not. (By "drift" I mean to slowly wander up or down in frequency. Sweeps in 1 Hz steps are not good enough.) 11,430,000 is used for BY. Rife/Bare, EMEM2, EM+, EMEM3D B&K- 4011 or 4040 devices can be used on 2876 for BX and 2790 for BY if they drift. Please note that you cannot tell if you have BX or BY from a medical diagnosis. These diagnoses are based on the tissue type where the tumor occurs not which virus is involved.

The Beck blood cleaner does kill the viruses, at least those circulating in the blood. The Beck device should not be used by those taking any medication or other material which could be toxic if the dose were 20 times higher. It can be used at the same time as the EPBWBR, grape extract, alfalfa, and IP6 but not with raw garlic, apricot kernels, or Chinese herbs. For melanoma, cat's claw is used. For lymphoma, grape plant extract is my favorite.

2. Kill parasites. Parapurge is the cheapest and works well. Vaxa makes a product called "Parasitin" which kills all kinds of single cell parasites plus worms including tapeworms. "Clear" from Awareness is also excellent. Or, the Clark program using cloves, wormwood and black walnut can be used. Electronic devices should be used in addition if available. An EMEM2, EM+, EMEM3, EMEM3D, Clark zapper, or Super Zap can be used even if the correct frequencies are not used. A Rife/Bare unit will do the job if correct frequencies are selected.

3. Help break down growths using alfalfa or other herbs activated with radionics. See radionics.htm for details on activating your own herbs. Activated herbs must be kept away from electrical equipment. The dose is 3 tablets or capsules three times a day with meals. Rife/Bare, EMEM2, EM+, EMEM3D, "Doug", "Ray" and contact pad devices in the range of 2000-2200 Hz should be used if available. For carcinoma/BX, gradually work up to 45-60 minutes a day with 2128 Hz. If symptoms of toxicity such as edema develop, reduce run times.

4. Avoid toxins. This is the hard part. Have dental metals removed by a dentist trained to do so. Try to find one who does not use mercury fillings and who has studied Dr. Hal Huggins' protocols. If you think you have a metals problem, do a chelation program: 4 sprays of PCA and 12 grams of chlorella per day. If in doubt, have a DMPS or DMSA urine metals test done. A hair test may not show metals even if they are present in other tissues. Do not have root canals done. If you are not seeing results in three months, consider having root canals pulled. I have seen cases where root canals were the main problem. Filter your water. Avoid shampoos and other cosmetics even if they do not list "prop" materials on the labels. Use 100 proof vodka as your deodorant. Brush your teeth with baking soda, (or peroxide if you do not have any metal in your mouth). Read Hulda Clark for more ideas.

5. Enzymes. It has been known for decades that cancer involves a shortage of protein digesting enzymes. I have tested many brands for their ability to remove undigested proteins from the blood and "unstick" sticky red blood cells. My favorite is Enriching Gifts Plant Enzymes. Take at least 3 just before each meal and at least 3 once a day on an empty stomach. Pancreatic enzymes can also be used in addition. If this does not eliminate gas and heartburn, try adding betaine hydrochloride at the end of each meal. Start with one per meal. It is a good idea to take one apricot kernel for each ten pounds of body weight daily in divided doses to aid the enzymes in removing unwanted materials from the body. I have a client who got over cancer using a program from Dr. William Donald Kelley. She told me that he had her take DA-34 by the "handful".

6. Correct your chemistry. See for details. You can phone 1-800-736-4320 for the name of the nearest doctor who can do the test for you. I have seen tumors grow or shrink just from chemistry changes. The dysaerobic chemistry with very acid urine, low surface tension high specific gravity and very alkaline saliva particularly promotes tumor growth.

7. Drink water. Divide your in pounds weight by 2. The result is the ideal number of ounces of pure water to drink a day. If this is a large increase for you, ask your physician if there is any reason that you should not drink this much water. Raw juices and herbal teas count as part of this water. Caffeine or sugary beverages do not.

8. Keep the bowels working. If the enzymes and betaine hydrochloride do not do this for you, take psyllium, eat dried prunes, or whatever you have to do. We want all methods of elimination to be working. To clean out impacted material from the colon, every night take 1 teaspoon of magnesium oxide powder in a glass of water at bedtime followed by the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon. Do this until you get results. A Clark liver flush is also a good idea. Dr. Kelley recommends Okra-Pepsin E3 from Standard Process.

9. Halox. Halox is a stabilized oxygen solution. Use up to 80 drops in water per day. Each 10 drops should be in at least 4 ounces of water. Cellfood is also a good oxygen supplement.

10. Microhydrin. This is a great antioxidant and immune system builder. It reduces blood stickiness and improves "biological terrain." It also kills the BX and BY viruses. Work up to 1-2 three times a day depending on your size and budget.

11. IP6 (inositol hexaphosphate) and inositol. There is good lab evidence as well as reports coming back from cancer patients on this product. This material is found in food and is not toxic in even very large doses. If you have a product that contains both IP6 and inositol, take 3000mg twice a day on an empty stomach. If you weigh much more than 150 pounds, take 4000mg twice a day. If your product does not contain both items, take about 2400mg of IP6 and 600mg of inositol twice a day. If you weigh much more than 150 pounds, take 3200mg and 800mg.

12. Plant Sterols. Plant sterols and sterolins in the form of Moducare or Enriching Gift or Health Balances plant sterols. Take two in the morning before breakfast and one at bedtime.

13. If you have enough weight and stamina, consider a two week juice fast with coffee enemas, Green Food, and 4 raw garlic cloves (not bulbs) per day. See Anne Frahm's: "A Cancer Battle Plan" for more ideas. Yes, she has died, but her program gave her several more years that she would not have had otherwise. She had major chemical and radiation poisoning to overcome. She probably would have done much better had her program been more complete.

14. Ambrotose. If you have not run out of money yet(!), take one level teaspoon of Mannatech Ambrotose three times daily.

15. Chinese herbs. 80% of cancer patients lack some of the half moons on their fingernails, and have teeth-marks (indentations) on the sides of their tongues. Look at the fingernails. There should be half-moons at the base of the thumbnail and the nails of the first three fingers. Not the pinkies. If there are less than 4 half moons on each hand, this indicates low cellular oxygenation. Take "Vein Lite" as directed on the package. This will also remove heavy metals including mercury.

Look at the tongue. If the edge is scalloped or has indentations, these are called "teeth-marks. This indicates edema, low immunity and poor digestion. Use "Asparagus Extract" as directed on the package. This extract also helps prevent the spread of tumors.

16. SANUM remedies. Various researchers have noticed that cancer patients have tube or worm like bacteria in their blood. This creature is either inside or on the outside of red blood cells and may not be visible unless the blood is traumatized by pressing down on the cover glass with a toothpick or other instrument. Then large numbers of them appear and swim around. This has been called Siphonospora polymorpha, Leptotrichia bucallils Robin, or other names. These are often called "Chondrits", an advanced and dangerous stage of mucor racemosus, a normal creature found in everyone's blood. Treatment is the use of SANUM "Pleo-Muc" in the morning and "Pleo-Nig" at night. The person who provides these products can help you with the dose. See Michael Coyle's book "Advanced Applied Microscopy for Nutritional Evaluation and Correction" for more on this. I do not know the Rife frequency for these bacteria. A Beck blood cleaner will also remove them.

17. Consider cesium chloride.

18. Other materials. Taking a lot of herbs may not be a good idea. So far, we have found that both green tea and essiac interfere with EPBWBR and other products. EPBWBR also interferes with essiac.

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