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Frequenzen - Rife-Frequenzen mit Soundkarte erzeugen
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Sometimes "lacking funds" can be the inspiration that is needed to find "innovative" ways to accomplish your tasks. Rather than do without, I searched for tools to accomplish what I wanted to do as well as help some others that I knew were looking in the same direction with the same "financial limitations". I had but 3 criteria when I began. I believe I succeeded in solving MY immediate needs .. and I hope it may be either the solution or at least the inspiration you need to help with your specific RIFE project.


As long as you are in downloading mode .... get yourself a copy of Brian McInturff's "Big List" more often referred to as "The Consolidated Annotated Frequency List" or just "CAFL". or he has other lists and links at
(There are other lists out there ... these just seem to be MY favorites.)

Either view his "big list" online or on a downloaded/local copy on your machine. Select your "affliction de jour" ... for example I have selected "Rheumatoid Arthritis".

"Arthritis, rheumatoid (Cause could be bacteria like chlamydia pneumonia, mycoplasma fermentans, or dental bacteria which must be addressed too. Also try General antiseptic and Parasites roundworms general if no response.) - 250, 1.2, 650, 625, 600, 787, 727, 262, 776"


Using the NCH Tone Generator Software we will generate a small wave file for each of these frequencies. Our first frequency will be "250". Make sure you set the "Wave Form" selector to "Square Wave".

With your target frequency, (250), entered in the appropriate box, select "Save As". A box will pop up prompting with a filename and duration in seconds. the default naming notation will be something like "sq250.wav".  I use the default 10 seconds.

Note: The Tone generator program will allow you to enter the frequency to be generated to three decimal places. Since periods are not typically allowed within the windows filename, I recommend substituting a "-" or "_" in its place so that you maintain an accurate record of your recording.

Go ahead and record your other frequencies as well. I constructed a folder named "R-Arthtitis" and dragged ALL of the WAV files over into that folder. I recommend making a separate folder for each "affliction" you intend to experiment with. These folders can be placed in any logical place you wish and you can close all these windows and programs down.

Once you have the frequencies recorded like this, you need only use the Tone Generator program to build new wave files.

As you should be able to see now .. you have your generated frequencies recorded in a digital format that is easy to play, copy, manipulate, even record to audio (or data) CD, cassette tape, MP3 players .... your imagination is the limit ! ..... but for now .. we are going to just "play" them on our sound card !


Open the WinAmp application you installed earlier. Select "ADD" (bottom left), then "ADD DIR", your "affliction folder" and then "OK".

You are now ready to press the PLAY Icon (>) on the top module. DO IT !!!!

I think you will quickly see the feature rich versatility of this little program, allowing you to add folders, individual files, sort, etc. You can repeat indefinitely, play randomly, manipulate and arrange to your hearts content ... or do nothing at all. Let your own imagination and unique personal needs be your BEST GUIDE to using this program


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